Project Presentation gets updated!

We have updated the Presentation page for an easy navigation between the design screens. You can also change the device colour as well as the background colour for the presentation.

We have revamped the view all screens in the project for a quick overview as well as quick navigation between the project design screens.

Should you have any questions please let us know!

Have fun 🙌

🚀 We're starting a changelog

Hey!!! Big news today, we're starting a public changelog so you're always up to date with all the updates, improvements and fixes that are made in Savah.

Even though we work on Savah all the time, sometimes it may seem that not much is happening. This changelog is here to improve that very important part of the communication between you and us.

You'll always receive an update when we change something in the widget, or if needed all thing's we've changed is available on our public changelog page.

As always, should you have any questions or feature request please send them our way!

Have fun 🙌

Introducing Multiple Teams

Now you can create multiple teams and invite their colleagues and clients to work together. This is just aa great way to collaborate on projects. Send invites to multiple teams members at once. You can also create projects for the separate teams!

Have fun 🙌

Upload PSD's file

You can upload PSD files and Savah will extract the images so you don't have to export images then upload on Savah.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Savah will start publishing changelogs very soon.

Check out our other public changelogs: Buffer, Mention, Respond by Buffer, JSFiddle, Olark, Droplr, Piwik Pro, Prott, Ustream, ViralSweep, StartupThreads, Userlike, Unixstickers, Survicate, Envoy, Gmelius, CodeTree